Leek 青蒜  A Chinese Leek is large and cylindrical, and resembles a large spring onion with a white garlic-like husk.

Lily Buds 百合  Provide texture as well as an earthy taste, primarily used in hot and sour soups.


Long'an = Dragon's Eyes 龍眼  Long'ans are very similar to lychees and rambutans. You can buy them fresh in summer, and also dried or canned.


Lotus Root 蓮藕  A sliced lotus root displays a beautiful pattern.  The fresh version is available sporadically; otherwise the canned version is almost as good.  Rinse and drain before using.  Look for it in Asian markets.  


Lychee 荔枝  A Chinese fruit that has been cultivated in China for more than two thousand years.  The fruit is about the size of a walnut, with a bumpy red shell encasing white translucent pulp that is similar to a grape in texture. The flavour is sweet, exotic, and very juicy. The shell and seed are hard and are not eaten.