Pak Choy 白菜  The most common Pak Choy has a long, smooth, milky white stem and large, crinkly, dark green leaves.  It's usually stir-fried with other ingredients, but it can also be steamed or sautéed and served as a side dish.  Small heads of pak choy are called baby pak choy, and are more tender than the larger variety.  Of the baby pak choys, pak choy sum is Canton pak choy and has small yellow flowers (sum is the Chinese word for flower), while Shanghai pak choy is a uniform light green, doesn't have flowers, and isn't as sweet.


Peanuts 花生  Raw peanuts are widely used in Chinese cooking to add flavour and a crunchy texture.


Peking Duck Wrappers = Crispy Duck Wrappers 荷葉餅  These are thin, chewy pancakes used to wrap duck skin/meat and vegetables.


Pine Nut 松子  Chinese varieties have a much stronger pine flavour than the milder Mediterranean and Italian varieties.  In Chinese cooking toasted pine nuts are usually used in fish and egg dishes to add extra flavour.


Plum Sauce 酸梅醬  This sauce has a unique fruity flavour, like sweet and sour sauce but with a difference. 


Poaching 汆 / 白灼  A method of simmering food gently until it is partially or completely cooked.