Radish = Lo Pak = Mooli 白蘿蔔  Chinese radishes are large and white with a smooth skin;  the flesh is always tender, crisp and juicy and a mild sweet taste.  Choose specimens that are firm and shiny.  They don't store well, so try to use them right away.


Red Bean Paste 豆沙  Made from pureed red beans and crystallized sugar.

Red-In-Snow Cabbage 雪裡紅  This form of Chinese cabbage is pickled and sold in cans. It has a pungent slightly sour taste.

Red Vinegar 紅醋  It's sometimes used in seafood or sweet and sour dishes, or as a dipping sauce.


Rice 米  The staple food of China that can be served in a variety of ways: boiled, fried, and as a porridge,  to name a few.

Rice Cooker 電飯鍋  Electric rice cookers cook rice perfectly and keep the rice warm throughout a meal.


Rice Wine 米酒  The timing and proportion of adding rice wine in a dish is important;  rice wines of different ages have  different effects on food.


Rock Candy = Yellow Sugar 冰糖  A type of confectionery mineral composed of relatively large sugar crystals.  It is a very popular ingredient in Chinese cooking, especially in long-cooked dishes such as braises and stews,  to which it gives body and shine.  Made from a combination of unrefined cane sugar and honey, it sometimes comes in strings or sticks but most often it is sold in large hard misshapen chunks.  The colour is a translucent pale golden yellow and the flavour is subtly sweet - far less sweet than granulated sugar and more similar to maltose.  In China, it is also used to sweeten Chrysanthemum tea, Cantonese dessert soups, the liquor Baijiu.