Yam = Yamaimo = Shanyao Root 山藥/淮山  Radix Dioscoreae oppositae, falls within the Chinese herbal medicine category of Tonify Qi materia medica.


Yau Choy 油菜  This is more tender and delicately flavoured than other Asian cabbages. 


Yellow Chinese Chives = Yellow Garlic Chives 韭黃  These are Chinese chives that have been shielded from the sun in order to prevent the production of chlorophyll.  Use them just like ordinary Chinese chives.


Yellow Bean Sauce 麺豉醬/大醬  Made from fermented yellow soya beans crushed with flour and sugar.


Yin Choy = Chinese Spinach  莧菜  This is similar to spinach, only it is prettier, tastier, and more nutritious.