bcfc lmaOn Wednesday 15 February 2012, Ming-Ai (London) Institute exhibited the British Chinese Food Culture project at the London Metropolitan Archives.  Yatwan Hui conducted a lunch time seminar ‘British Place, Chinese Plate’, speaking about how the interiors and ambience of Chinese restaurants in Britain had changed over the last twenty years. She discussed their role as a hub for the Chinese community and an inviting gateway to the British.  In the evening, Dr Vivenne Lo spoke about her research on the ‘Potent Flavours’ of Chinese food, which was grounded on ancient knowledge and science of nutritional and medical properties. She linked this to her own growing up in a multi-ethnicity household.

More than fifty participants have attended the event and raised heated discussions with the speakers.


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The programme of the event was as follows:


Chinese Food Culture Seminars (free admission)


LondonMetropolitanArchiveLondon Metropolitan Archives - Wednesday, 15th February 2012

  • 10:00 - 12:30 Digital Exhibition of the British Chinese Food Culture Project
  • 12:30 - 13:30 Seminar – British Place, Chinese Plate Speaker: Ms Yatwan Hui
  • 13:30 - 18:00 Digital Exhibition of the British Chinese Food Culture Project
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Seminar – Potent Flavours Speaker: Dr Vivienne Lo


yatwan huiSpeaker: Ms Yatwan Hui

The culture of Chinese food has changed, developed and diversified throughout the last few decades in Britain. Yat will explore how the physical places where Chinese food is eaten have changed, comparing the restaurants in London Chinatown with the local Chinese restaurants found in most of Britain's high streets and towns. She will discuss how the layout and furnishing of these restaurants reflect the changing identity and confidence of the British Chinese. What role has Chinese food played in the Chinese identity for the new immigrants, the second and third generations as well as inviting the general public to enjoy and embrace it?

Yatwan Hui emigrated from Hong Kong with her parents as a seven year old to London. She studied architecture at the University of Bath and a Masters in sustainable urban design at Lund University in Sweden. Yat established Urban Beings to build on the human experience of being in a city through design, research and event projects.


ming ai british chinese food culture 2011 p vivienne lo 009Speaker: Dr Vivienne Lo

Dr. Vivienne Lo will talk about her work on the history of Chinese nutritional ideas, linking it to life growing up and growing old in a mixed ethnicity household. Pre-modern cultures assigned qualities to foodstuffs that went beyond those necessary for survival and pleasure in China as in ancient Greece those qualities were medical. Foods could be heating, cooling; they could strengthen your organs and vitalise your spirits. Much of this ancient knowledge is grounded in an ancient science of the potency of flavour. While these ideas have virtually died out in the European world, in Chinese culture they remain deeply embedded. Nevertheless as those ideas move out of the family and community and become a worldwide phenomenon something else happens...

Dr. Vivienne Lo is a Senior Lecturer in the History department at UCL where she researches and publishes extensively on the early and medieval history of Chinese Medicine, Sports, Exercise and Nutrition. She trained from her youth in Chinese medicine and the martial arts, before reading Chinese at Cambridge and SOAS. In 1997 she graduated with a PhD from SOAS. In her spare time she still helps the family run Memories of China and Teahouse Oriental in Portugal.


London Metropolitan Archives

London Metropolitan Archives 40 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 0HB

Free entry.gifts2 800x916pxgifts1 800x800px

Free calendars, recipes and seasonal greeting cards for seminar audience.  Free refreshments and Chinese tea for all participants!






bcfc lma2012 年 2 月 15 日星期三,明愛(倫敦)學院假座倫敦大都會檔案館,展示 “英國中餐文化” 項目成果及舉辦相關研討會。許逸韻以 “英國空間,中式菜單” 為題,通過英國中餐館過去二十年來內部裝潢與氛圍的變化,探討它們作為聯結華人社區的樞紐以及吸引英國人的途徑之不同角色。羅維前博士則在古代營養學與醫藥科學的基礎上,聯繫自身在跨種族家庭中的成長經歷,講述她對中餐 “味道的力量” 的研究。








倫敦大都會檔案館 - 2012 年 2 月 15 日,星期三

  • 10:00-12:30,項目成果數碼展覽
  • 12:30-13:30,研討會:“英國空間,中式菜單”(British Place, Chinese Plate)
  • 13:30-18:00,項目成果數碼展覽
  • 18:00-19:00,研討會:“味道的力量”(Potent Flavours)


yatwan hui主講人:許逸韻(Yatwan Hui)


許逸韻七歲跟隨父母從香港移居倫敦,在巴斯大學修建築課程後,再到瑞典進修持續性城市設計碩士課程。她遊歷及居住於世界各地,探索建築對我們日常生活及行為的影響。回倫敦後,成立了 “Urban Beings” 公司,以城市人的經歷為基礎,通過設計、研究和活動計劃,令大家可享受城市生活。


ming ai british chinese food culture 2011 p vivienne lo 009主講人:羅維前博士(Dr Vivienne Lo)


羅博士是倫敦大學學院歷史系的高級講師,對中國早期醫藥、體育、鍛煉與營養的歷史有廣泛研究,並發表了大量相關論文。她年輕時曾接受中醫與武術的訓練,其後在劍橋大學與倫敦大學亞非學院學習中文,1997 年獲亞非學院博士學位。閒暇時,羅博士仍然幫家人經營倫敦 “憶華樓” 中餐館及葡萄牙的 “東方茶室”。




倫敦大都會檔案館(London Metropolitan Archives)

地址:40 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 0HB

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