dsc00400 edit smallThe Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project, in conjunction with Lee Kum Kee visited the Central Foundation Boy's School situated near Old Street. The visit began with a brief presentation from Ming-Ai's representative as part of the British Chinese Food Culture, Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors who gave a presentation focusing on the geography and this history of Chinese food. Lee Kum Kee's representative Frannie explained the importance of taste in Chinese food. 

Jeremy Pang from the School of Wok was the chef for the day and demonstrated to the students how to cook Black Bean Chicken (click the link to find the recipe), a recipe focused around Lee Kum Kee's Black Bean sauce and a mix of Chicken and pepper.

The students had little experience of cooking Chinese food and Jeremy talked to them about how to use a wok when cooking Chinese food, safe practices for the kitchen and how to cook efficently.

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Feedback from the students included: "The wok cooking was so amazing" and "I liked the way the chef was demonstrating".

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The visit to Central Foundation Boys' School was the second school visit in the second phase of the Ambassadors project. If you would like to apply for your own free school visit in London email us at hcca@ming-ai.org.uk