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On the 14th February 2014, a cold Valentine's Day the Ambassador project made its way to Alperton Community College, near Wembley to share the experience of healthy Chinese food with the students of North West London.

A Valentines themed presentation focused on some of the foods that surround Chinese festivals students and the stories attributed to Qixi festivals, also known as Chinese "Valentine's day". The project's representatives took the chance to speak to the students about the role of food in Chinese festivals.hoisin chicken small

Belinda Yip demonstrated the recipe for Stir Fry Hoisin Chicken and Crunchy Vegetables to the students, stressing the importance of certain cooking processes essential to the dish. Students then took the opportunity to cook for themselves cutting and preparing vegetables and chicken, then marinating them. One vegetarian student substituted the chicken with tofu which led to an interesting twist on the recipe.

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Students gave positive feedback and expressed that they found the lesson helpful and that they enjoyed "learning more about Chinese food". One student remarked that they appreciated "the new cooking techniques" that they had picked up. Continuing on the theme of Chinese festivals, another student commented that she felt she knew more "about Chinese food and festivals".

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