img 3658 edit_smallOn the 27th February the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project visited St Thomas More Language School in Chelsea. This was the first demonstration to take place in West London's Chelsea and Kensington.

Ben Fielden from Ming-Ai discussed with the students the role of cultural exchange in cooking food. As noodles were on today's menu Ben also talked about the cultural importance and meaning of noodles in China.

Whilst Frannie Chen from Lee Kum Kee got a very enthusiastic response as she gave out prizes to students who could provide the correct answers to her questions.

img 3683 edit_smallAndrew Wong was the resident chef for this school demonstration, bringing his skills as Chinese Masterchef to the borough of Chelsea. Andrew explained the role of the ingredients of the dish and emphasises the care that should be taken in preparing a meal for yourself or for the ones you love. He went through the recipe clearly and carefully so that students could follow.

img 3833 edit_small

Students were then able to prepare their own dish, Stir-Fried Noodles with Garden Vegetables. One student improvised by adding chicken to the otherwise vegetarian dish. Despite a slow start students were soon dishing their noodles onto a plate and some students showing an artistic flair in their presentation of the dish, following Andrew's example.img 3652 edit_small

Feedback from students stated: "The food tasted nice, I learned loads", "I liked... learning about the different sauces", "it was fun" and another student said that they enjoyed "learning about where ingredients came from".