img 3904_smallIn March the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project visited Heartlands High School not far from Wood Green. The chef for the cooking demonstration was Jason Li who showed students how to cook Broccoli Beef.

Students sat and listened to a presentation from Ming-Ai about some of the culture and history of Chinese food, as well as a presentation from Lee Kum Kee which aimed to extend students understanding of the essential elements of Chinese food.

img 3935_small

Chef Jason Li demonstrated to the students Brocolli Beef, walking through all the basic steps that would be required and talking about the theory of food preparation. The students then had the opportunity to make the recipe for themselves. The students displayed a great sense of understanding and capability in their cooking, mostly working by themselves to cook some amazing dishes. At the end prizes were given to the students who demonstrated the best taste and presentation with their dishes, although it was close!