img 3955 edit_smallOn the 4th March the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project visited Enfield, North London in order to attend a school demonstration at Oasis Academy. This was the first cooking demonstration in the borough of Enfield.

With a two hour lesson Ming-Ai's presentation focused on the links between culture and food. Whilst Lee Kee Kee presented an informative video to the students along with the importance of sauce in Chinese food.

Belinda Yip demonstrated the recipe Black Bean Chicken to the students, stressing the importance of certain cooking processes essential to the dish. Students then took the opportunity to cook for themselves cutting and preparing vegetables and chicken, then marinating the chicken. Students put a lot of stress on presentation of their dishes which led to some interesting outcomes that impressed the judges.

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img 4018 edit_smallStudents gave positive feedback about the lesson, including that it was the first time they had tasted oyster sauce and "it tasted nice" and another student commented that they enjoyed "the experience of mixing different sauces" referring to the use of Lee Kum Kee's Premium Oyster Sauce and the Black Bean and Garlic Sauce. Student comments included that it was the first time they had cooked Chinese food and that they "liked learning new techniques and working with new ingredients".