img 5359 edit_smallWith the early blossoming of spring beginning to show on the trees, the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project arrived at Woodside High School off White Hart Lane, in Haringey.

As usual students received presentations from Ming-Ai and Lee Kum Kee, teaching important aspects of Chinese cuisine. With the presentations over Jeremy Pang took time to demonstrate to the students how to cook the dish for today, 5 Coloured Fried Rice.

The recipe takes a healthy twist on the traditional fried rice, including 5 different coloured vegetables with only a little sauce. This creates a brilliant and bright coloured dish as shown in the photograph.

img 5376 edit_smallWith Jeremy demonstrating how to use a wok for Chinese cooking the students then worked individually to prepare and cook their own 5 Coloured Fried Rice, cutting and blanching vegetables and then frying pre-cooked rice in with the vegetables, later adding Lee Kum Kee's Hoisin sauce and Premium Oyster Sauce. Students prepared their own dishes with ease and showed that they were very competent in cooking Chinese food.

As special preparations had been made to cook a second dish Jeremy then demonstrated Stir Fried Chicken in Ginger and Spring Onion, explaining the importance of ginger, spring onion and garlic as central ingredients in Chinese cooking. After Jeremy had prepared the meal all students were able to taste the dish. Even though the lesson was over some students chose to stay behind after school hours to cook and finish their own Stir Fried Chicken dish.

Student feedback included: "The demo was the best because Jeremy made it look fun", "The Chinese sauce are really good" and another student commented "it was quick and tasty at the same time".