img 5587 edit_smallOn the 3rd March the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project ventured into the borough of Harrow to meet the students of Canons High School.

The recipe Hoisin Chicken with Crunchy Vegetables was the dish of the day with Belinda Yip demonstrating to students how to prepare the dish, use a wok correctly and make sure that it is cooked at the right heat. As there were some vegetarian students in the class Belinda also showed how to cook tofu as part of the dish.

The vegetarian students in the class then went onto make Hoisin Tofu with Crunchy Vegetables whilst some students added tofu to their dishes to create an interesting blend.

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At the end prizes were given out to the students with the best taste and presentation, with the standard being set high.

Feedback from the students stated: "I liked the sauces a lot they bring out the taste really nicely", "cooking Chinese food is really nice and easy to make", "it was my first time stir-frying" and "it was very interesting".