On the 23rd April 2014 the project made a trip to the Harrow, to Harrow High School Academy.

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As usual the students were introduced to Chinese food and Chinese culture with two presentations. Some students displayed a good knowledge of Chinese food.

This was the first time we demonstrated Kung Pao Chicken, a classic Sichuan dish with a strong spicy flavour.

Many of the students were delighted to be able to cook such a spicy dish. Belinda Yip demonstrated the dish to the students, talking through the different processes involved and quizzing them on Chinese food as she went along. Students were not given the recipe so had to memorise the processes involved, which included marinating, mixing sauces and stir-frying.

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The result of the students cooking was fantastic, all the dishes looked and tasted great with a few students putting effort into the presentation. Feedback from the students included "I learnt that there are many types of sauces", "it was very interesting and I learnt a lot" and "I learnt about a whole different culture". Check Page 3 of their HHS Summer Term publication to see more pictures!