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On the 24th June 2014 the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassador's project held the third teacher cooking workshop, the first of 2014. The workshop which was over-subscribed was initially led by Andrew Wong who demonstrated Sui Mai, XO Fried Rice with Minced Beef, Braised Chicken and Steamed Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms. The teachers in attendance then had a chance to create their own Sui Mai and XO Fried Rice with Minced Beef.

At lunch the teachers were able to sample the four dishes the chef had cooked, while sampling the dishes that other teachers had made. All the dishes were at a very high standard. After lunch Belinda Yip, of Lee Kum Kee gave a presentation of the different regional cuisines of China along with developing an understanding of Chinese sauces, how they are produced and how they should be used.

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Following the presentation Kam Po But led the session, he showed teachers how to make pulled noodles, a highly skilled culinary art. Many of the teachers made a good attempt at the very physical activity which created a good deal of noise. Kam Po But then fried the noodles in order to create a dish the teachers could sample his noodles.

IMG 6717_smallThe last thing on the menu was desert, for this a fusion dish of Poached Pear with Lee Kum Kee's plum sauce and red wine was created. The dish used the plum sauce to create a sweet versatile dish.

At the end of the workshop all teachers were given a gift bag courtesy of Lee Kum Kee and received a certificate. The feedback from the session was very positive with many teachers showing interest in the project visiting their school.