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20141127 sthelens - copy 640x478On the 27th November 2014, right after the start of the new school year, Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project visited St. Helen's School in Northwood, Middlesex, to deliver two rounds of presentations and cooking demonstrations.


For the first demonstration, students assisted Belinda to cook Black Bean Chicken: they especially enjoying learning about all "tips and tricks the Chef gave", from how to cut meat and prepare ingredients, to mastering the art of wok sautéing. 

Ma Po Tofu was cooked in the second demonstration. Students had a chance to learn more about different ingredients, sauces, tofu and spices, and their history, as the Chef skillfully explained the secrets of combining different sauces to obtain new interesting flavours, such as the Oyster Sauce and Chilli Bean Sauce mix used for this recipe.

20141127 sthelens_3 - copy 640x403Food was finally served and everyone enthusiastically commented on how tasty and delicious Chinese food is: "I liked everything because it was awesome and important!". Sachets of Oyster Sauce were given to students, who all showed a genuine interest in cooking the recipes again at home. They liked "The food, because it tastes good. The presentation, because I learned a lot about the history of food and the sauces".

If you wish for your school to participate in the project then please email us at hcca@ming-ai.org.uk