central foundation 1On the 3rd February 2015, we visited the Central Foundation School in Angel. After Ming-Ai and Lee Kum Kee's presentations on Chinese food culture and the importance of healthy cooking, our chef Jeremy Pang started demonstrating to the group of extremely curious students on how to cook Kung Pao Chicken with noodles in a proper and, most importantly, healthy way.

Jeremy started by showing them the correct techniques to cut both meat and vegetable and unveiled all the secrets concerning the perfect stir-frying and wok techniques. All the students were extremely enthusiastic.

The chef told them about the vital role of sauces (such as oyster and hoisin sauce) in the Chinese cuisine and demonstrated how to use it in the marinating and stir–frying process.

After that, it was the students' turn to cook. The students were able to master immediately various techniques Jeremy explained them earlier, from the cutting, marinating to the perfect stir-frying and wok techniques. The results were all amazing and the chef had a really hard time in deciding which team succeeded in cooking the perfect Kung Pao chicken to assign the prize!

central foundation 2

Feedback from the students has been remarkably positive, stating "I particularly enjoyed all the skills that Jeremy taught us", "Cooking and learning about the importance of sauces in Chinese cuisine" and "I enjoyed watching the chef, cooking and particularly eating a different type of food".