DraytonManor2On a sunny morning on the 4th February 2015, the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project team headed to Drayton Manor High School, Ealing Broadway.

In front of a crowd of happy and curious students, our chef Belinda Yip demonstrated how to cook tasty and healthy Hoisin Chicken with Crunchy Vegetables. Belinda started with listing all the benefits deriving from eating vegetables and how to use wok. Then she went on with the cutting meat and marinating techniques, in which the oyster sauce is used to marinate the ingredients.

After that, it was the turn of the "how-to-use-the-wok-properly" part, towards which all the students showed a high degree of interest. Right after Belinda's demonstration was over, all the students couldn't wait to get their hands "dirty" and immediately began cooking their own Hoisin Chicken with Crunchy Vegetables.


Students' comments: "I really enjoyed when we were cooking our dish!", stated some of the students. "Chinese food can be tasty and healthy at the same time".

"We learnt the importance of different techniques (marinating, stir-frying), of using sauces in Chinese cuisine and that the presentation of a dish is really important as well" and "the food tasted really nice. I'm happy since now I know how to cook it!"

Amandeep and Sophie also sent us an article about ther session! You can read it here.