harefield academy 1 800x600We visited The Harefield Academy for a double session, in which our chef Belinda Yip demonstrated the tasty Hoisin Chicken and Crunchy Vegetables recipe. Pupils attending the presentations and cooking sessions were very lively and eager to start cooking. A fast-paced explanation, telling students tricks and tips that could be useful while cooking, such as how to marinate the meat and how to get the perfect level of crunchiness and softness, allowed then the students to experience Chinese cooking firsthand.

Although pupils attending these sessions were young, mostly aged 11-13, they compensated for their little experience in cooking with their enthusiasm and efforts to master Chinese sauteing and cook the perfect hoisin chicken.

harefield academy 2 2

Groups were formed, and everyone got busy around the hobs and cutting boards, in a friendly and very chatty atmosphere, with a little bit of competition to win the chef's approval! Students were particularly interested in tasting and experimenting with Oyster Sauce under the chef's guidance. Time was up really quick, but they managed to take their healthy and tasty dishes home! They enjoyed the sessions, "learning about Chinese food, tasting and cooking", "learning about different sauces", "because it was fun!"