Haydon School students, just coming out of their Wednesday Food Club, met Ming-Ai and Lee Kum Kee staff for an insight session about Healthy Chinese food and the opportunity to cook and show their skills. haydon school 1 800x676Since this session was reserved for the school's Food Club members, which is formed by students of all ages, we had set very high standards and expectations for their performance, and we weren't disappointed!

In fact, it was immediately clear that all pupils were extremely prepared and passionate about cooking and food, from the youngest to the most mature, and they demonstrated their knowledge by answering all questions and quizes with no hesitation: it was hard to pick winners during the presentations about Chinese food and sauces!

While Cynthia from Lee Kum Kee demonstrated the recipe they would cook on the day, Hoisin Chicken and Crunchy Vegetables, students focused on techniques and asked very practical questions to our chef, showing a deep understanding of the process of cooking healthy recipes. Once divided in pairs, they quickly set themselves to replicate the dish, showing a great level of teamwork and collaboration: they performed so professionally that it felt like being in a restaurant kitchen! They behaved like natural chefs and knew not only how to manage their time, but also knew how to recreate the recipe adapting it to their own tastes, by making it vegetarian-only or modifiying sauce mixes!haydon school 3

Students commented: "FUN!", and "I liked the variety of food used", "I was interested in the different types of Chinese food and sauces used in different regions".