ming ai british chinese food culture 2011 p events 111Are you a budding chef with some delicious Chinese recipes?  Ming-Ai (London) Institute would like to hear from you!

The British have developed quite a taste for Chinese food.  A recent street survey carried out by Ming-Ai (London) Institute on Sunday 19 June interviewing approximately a hundred and twenty visitors at the Royal Albert Dock during the Dragon Boat Festival shows that the Brits are also quite clued up on Chinese food as well.  66% of non-Chinese interviewed can spot the Chinese dim sum from the Japanese sushi and the Indian samosa.  However only 20% of those questioned knew that rice pudding is eaten during the Dragon Boat festival (not chow mein or spring rolls).  Crispy duck tops the list of favourite Chinese food.

What are your favourite Chinese dishes? Do you have a tasty tried and tested recipe you would like to share?  Ming-Ai is especially interested to hear about old and new recipes, even if they are influenced from British or other types of cooking.  Please include ingredients, clear cooking instructions, photos or even videos of your creations!  All recipes will be credited, so you are welcome to include a short profile of yourself to put the cook in context.

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Ming-Ai is a North London based educational institute with an aim to promote Chinese culture in London.  It is in the midst of a research project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund on the British Chinese Food Culture which charts how Chinese food has changed over the centuries in London.  So far fourteen current and retired Chinese chefs, restaurateurs, food importers and home cooks have been interviewed.  In parallel to this, they are researching into the origins of certain British Chinese dishes, such as chop suey, what ingredients and equipments were available and how dishes have been adapted until imports were made more viable.  A growing list of food idioms in both English and Chinese is also being compiled; your contribution to this collection is very welcome.

More information and updates on the project can be found on their website: www.ming-ai.org.uk/britishchinesefoodculture.  To submit your recipes or funny stories on Chinese food in Britain, email projects@ming-ai.org.uk


Written by Yatwan Hui, Project Media Officer
Photo by Chungwen Li
1 July 2011