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Chinese Cooking Training Workshops 中餐培訓課程

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"Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors" Project

We are delighted to introduce our project "Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors", which promotes healthy Chinese food and the art of Chinese cooking techniques in secondary schools via cooking demonstrations at schools and Chinese cooking training workshops. These FREE programmes are sponsored by Lee Kum Kee (Europe) Ltd

Chinese Cooking Training Workshops

Workshop 1: Traditional Chinese Cuisine (Tuesday, 21 May 2013) - Chef Jason Li

Workshop 2: Modern Chinese Cuisine (Thursday, 6 June 2013) - Chef Andrew Wong

Participants: All teachers (priority will be given to Food Technology teachers and teaching assistants)

What you will learn: During the workshops, participants will learn how to cook traditional and modern Chinese cuisines in a healthy way. Recipes with different levels of skills will be provided and teachers can use some recipes to teach students directly in the class.

All participants will be given booklet of recipes, sauces sample and certificate (after completion of the workshops).

Venue: Training kitchen of Ming-Ai (London) Institute.

How to apply: Please contact Ms Aubrey Ko at 020 8361 7161 or by email at 

Places are limited and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Please apply now.

For detailed programme please click the Heading.

"Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors" Project - Cooking demonstrations at schools "健康中餐大使" 計劃 - 到學校作健康中餐烹飪示範

dsc05858We visited St Michael's Catholic College on 15 November 2012 and organised a "Chinese Cooking Master Class" to all Food Technology students (year 7 to year 9). After short presentations about British Chinese Food Culture and Introduction to Sauces, students had got some basic background of Chinese cuisine. Then our master chef Andrew Wong taught students how to cook two delicious Chinese cuisines i.e. Broccoli Beef in Oyster Sauce and Black Bean Chicken.

One of the students Natalie wrote her comments on the school's newsletter Issue 03 Jan 2013.

"The dish tasted really great and the aroma smell fantastically nice, it was very mouth-watering. The presentation looked very nice and it seemed really different to what we traditionally eat in England." 

The students enjoyed this special event so much and the students who made the best dish had got a prize, a special apron from our sponsor Lee Kum Kee (Europe) Ltd. The students just love the aprons. At the end, all students left the classroom with tasty Chinese food, gifts packs from Lee Kum Kee (Europe) Ltd. and also big smiles. 

If you are interested in having a Cooking Demonstration at your school, please contact Ms Aubrey Ko at 020 83617161 or by email at 

We will provide a professional Chef who demonstrates how to cook healthy Chinese food to students during Food Technology classes (KS3 & KS4) and cooking demonstration will be arranged according to your school timetable. 

School Visits 探訪學校


We visited local schools to promote our project and educational materials. In July 2012 we were happy to get the support from Tzu Chi College of Technology and visited local schools including St Joseph's Primary School (5 July 2012), St Michael's Catholic College (12 July 2012) and Westminster Academy (13 July 2012). We also held a healthy food event in Ming-Ai on 6 July 2012. All participants were impressed by this project and also enjoyed the vegetarian meal prepared by the students of Tzu Chi College of Technology and volunteers from Tzu Chi Foundation UK. 



Can You Cook a Chinese Dish?

ming ai british chinese food culture 2011 p events 111Are you a budding chef with some delicious Chinese recipes?  Ming-Ai (London) Institute would like to hear from you!

The British have developed quite a taste for Chinese food.  A recent street survey carried out by Ming-Ai (London) Institute on Sunday 19 June interviewing approximately a hundred and twenty visitors at the Royal Albert Dock during the Dragon Boat Festival shows that the Brits are also quite clued up on Chinese food as well.  66% of non-Chinese interviewed can spot the Chinese dim sum from the Japanese sushi and the Indian samosa.  However only 20% of those questioned knew that rice pudding is eaten during the Dragon Boat festival (not chow mein or spring rolls).  Crispy duck tops the list of favourite Chinese food.

倫敦 “香港龍舟同樂日” 街頭訪問

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2011 年 6 月 19 日早上,天清氣爽,我們的義工團隊精神奕奕向倫敦船塢區進發,參與一年一度的倫敦 “香港龍舟同樂日” 活動,向途人收集對中菜的意見。

這次街頭訪問的有趣發現真不少呢!在一百二十多個被訪者中(約 80% 是西方人,20% 是華人),約 95% 的人最愛吃香酥鴨(其次是麻婆豆腐及甜酸菜式);約半數的人以為壽司是中菜呢!

雖然不少被訪者知道雜碎(chop suey)主要材料是芽菜,但問及端午節的節慶食品時,很多被訪者(尤其是西方人)都一臉惘然,有人說是春卷,也有人說是炒麵。