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文化中國 • 中華美食——國務院僑辦中華廚藝團在倫敦

ming ai british chinese food culture 2011 p events 150“文化中國 • 中華美食——國務院僑辦中華廚藝團” 赴歐訪問團於 2011 年 9 月 28 日在明愛(倫敦)學院進行了中餐文化交流活動。訪問團由北京市人民政府僑辦辦公室副主任李綱帶隊;四位來自北京的國家頂級名廚進行了精彩的廚藝展示,令在場嘉賓驚歎之餘也受益匪淺。

“文化中國 • 中華美食” 是國務院僑辦為關心和支持海外華僑華人生存發展、幫助海外僑胞中餐業者提高工作技能而開展的一項重要活動,將於今年內組派赴歐洲、亞洲、北美洲、澳洲四個廚藝團。在到訪倫敦之前,赴歐廚藝團已在英國曼徹斯特進行了交流展示活動,其後還將赴意大利進行訪問。

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Project Completion Presentation 項目完成報告會

ming ai_british_chinese_food_culture_2011_p_events_285The Project Completion Presentation and Ming-Ai (London) Institute's Spring Festival Celebration 2012 was successfully held on 8th March 2012.  Rt. Rev. John Sherrington (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster Diocesan), Mr Lei Zhao (First Secretary and Consul of Chinese Embassy), Cllr. Gina Adamou (Mayor of Haringey) and over a hundred honoured guests participated the event...

2012 年 3 月 8 日,明愛(倫敦)學院圓滿舉辦了本項目完成報告會暨 2012 年春節慶典。西敏市教區輔理主教 John Sherrington、中國駐英國大使館領事趙磊、倫敦夏靈基市市長 Gina Adamou 與超過一百位嘉賓蒞臨現場……


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Chinese Food Culture Days 中餐文化日


small IMG_9492Ming-Ai (London) Institute organised the Chinese Food Culture Days on 4th and 5th February 2012 at the Bruce Castle Museum.  The Ming-Ai project team had carefully prepared activities and exhibits to entertain visitors across three spaces of the castle.  Over a hundred and fifty visitors of all ages were attracted to explore some aspects of Chinese culture despite the cold and snowy weather...

2012 年 2 月 4 日、5 日,明愛(倫敦)學院在布魯斯城堡博物館舉辦了 “中餐文化日” 活動,借助城堡的三個不同區域開展多項活動與展覽。儘管天氣寒冷,多處積雪,本次活動仍然吸引了超過一百五十名各個年齡層次的參加者,一起探索中國文化的不同方面…… 

British Chinese Food Culture Project Ceremony “英國中餐文化” 項目慶典


Poster StMartin small 744x1024Click to view the event photos and news reports:



A Year to Taste 150 Years of Chinese Food in Britain

6What was your first Chinese dish? Most of us are so used to eating Chinese food that it has become one of the favourite dishes in Britain, and we're quite comfortable picking up a pair of chopsticks.  But how much do you actually know about Chinese food?  When did it first arrive in Britain?  How did it look and taste then?  Do Chinese people really eat chop suey and sweet and sour chicken?  Over the next year, the London educational institute Ming-Ai will be looking for the answers to these questions and more, in an exciting new project on the British Chinese food culture with a grant awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.